Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

A dental cleaning appointment is typically a recall visit or a hygiene appointment that we advise our patients to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Our top-class dental office provides patients with the best dental cleaning services. Patients who have undergone a root canal procedure or a filling need not worry about the health of their restoration as a routine dental cleaning can eliminate any signs of swelling or decay.

To stick to the best practices in the industry and offer our patients with optimum care and services, our dental team ensures to take routine dental courses and seminars. It helps the team to refresh and update current skills, rewiring them to the latest up-to-date trends in the field of dental care.

What is Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is an oral hygiene routine. It aims in the removal of plaque, bacteria, and other disease-causing elements from the surface of teeth to ensure that the oral cavity is free from germs.

Inadequate oral hygiene can have severe implications on health. As the oral cavity is the first segment of the digestive system, it undergoes an initial face of digestion inside the mouth as the particles get broken down into smaller pieces. An unhygienic oral cavity can have a direct impact on the food, and it can lead to nutritional problems that would affect overall health.

What can you expect during a hygiene visit?

During a typical hygiene visit, the patient can expect the following routine. Dentists would review and assess the patient’s medical history to gain an immediate and proper understanding of their current dental condition. The dentist and the team of dental hygienist would indulge in a decent conversation with the patient after which a series of oral examination would be done with the help of diagnostic tools such as dental X-rays.

The dentist would also perform an extensive oral cancer screening to detect malignancy and lesions. 

Dental cleaning is the principal part of a routine recall visit. During your cleaning sessions, the dentist would use gentle and non-irritant tools to gently scrub off any plaque, tartar, or calculus from the tooth’s surface. This helps eliminate any signs of infection or tooth decay. Scaling and root planing would be performed to remove harder particles from the tooth’s corners and surfaces. 

As you request an appointment with our facility, our team of experts will guide you better on your routine dental checkups at Perfect Smile Dental Care!

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