Veneers are thin, shell-like dental restorations that correctly restore damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth. It is an excellent cosmetic remedy to mend any signs of crooked, discolored, or partially damaged teeth. As you visit the dentist for your veneers, they can be customized to suit individual treatment plan. Trained technicians are capable of designing high-quality dental veneers with supreme quality and durability to enhance your smile and make it shine like never before.

How do veneers help to restore the smile?

Veneers are durable shell-like restorations that can beautify and enhance both the health and appearance of your smile. There are several ways by which veneers help restore a patient’s smile.
  • Cosmetic solution to redefine and beauty the patient’s smile.
  • Hides crooked teeth.
  • Resolves the issue of misshapen teeth.
  • Restore severely discolored or stained teeth.
  • Corrects teeth that are either too small or too big.
  • Covers unwanted spaces and gaps between teeth
  • Covers chipped or cracked teeth.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are veneers whose original composition is Porcelain material. It is widely used as a cosmetic procedure to address a wide variety of common dental concerns. Porcelain veneers are constructed from a thin, durable, Ceramic or Porcelain material, and these veneers can be bonded to the front of each tooth to form a glowing and natural-looking smile.

What are the advantages of Porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers have several advantages to be known as the best cosmetic remedy and dental restoration. Here are some of the reasons why.
  • Promotes an even and beautiful smile.
  • Covers signs of crooked and poorly aligned teeth.
  • Restores severely discolored teeth.
  • Covers unwanted or uneven spaces.
  • Hides chipped or cracked teeth.

What is the procedure that involves getting a Porcelain veneer?

As you visit the dentist’s office to get your veneer, the dentist will first examine your teeth and take proper impressions of it. After making the mold or impression of the tooth or set of teeth, the dentist would choose an adequate shade that would closely match the color of the remaining teeth. The impressions would be sent to the lab to design your veneers. As the customized veneers are ready, teeth will be cleansed, and the veneers will be bonded to the tooth or set of teeth with a cementing material. The bond will be strengthened by spreading a beam of light as it ensures durability.

The dentist would advise aftercare instructions for the proper maintenance of the new set of veneers.

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