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It is always a better option to treat any oral concern in an early stage. But some oral concerns must be given attention immediately. There are specific oral issues that can be considered a dental emergency. The apparent issue can be something like a tooth getting knocked out. But some other problems can be quite confusing which can make you wait “later” to deal with it.

What are the reasons to visit an emergency dentist? 

The most common reasons to visit an emergency dentist are:

  1. Knocked-out Tooth 
  2. A broken or chipped tooth
  3. Bleeding that is out of control
  4. Intense toothache
  5. Infection signs
  6. Abscesses

What should you do for a missing tooth?

In such a situation, the teeth can be saved or even replaced into the mouth. If your tooth gets knocked out, then retrieve the tooth if possible. If you find the knocked tooth, later try to handle it by the crown, instead of handling it by the root. The root has got cells that help in reattachment but can be easily damaged by contact. 

Try to rinse the tooth, instead of scrubbing it. Place the knocked-out tooth in the mouth of the injured person or place the tooth in milk. Both will help in keeping off the unwanted bacteria from the tooth, also preventing it from getting dry. Try to put it back in the socket carefully.

If you cannot find the tooth, then apply gauze to the affected gum to control bleeding just like any other wound. In most of the cases, a dentist successfully reinserts an adequately preserved tooth in place.

What should you do for a fractured tooth?

A broken tooth cannot be put back, but it can be extracted or restored to prevent any problems in the future. Rinse your mouth with some warm water. Apply a cold compress or ice pack to curb swelling. Visit an emergency dentist to inspect the damage caused to the tooth.

Minor fractures are probably smoothed over and restored using a temporary composite restoration, which also depends on the location of the fracture and assessment made by the dentist. Moderate fractures are restored using a dental crown or sometimes might also need a root canal treatment. Severe fractures most probably lead to tooth loss.

What should you do with a loose tooth?

Sometimes a tooth gets out of its position but doesn’t break or get knocked out entirely. In such circumstances, a dentist can immediately reset the tooth in its place.

Until that time, gently reposition the tooth. Do not put any force, also bite down gently to prevent the tooth from moving.

What should you do with bleeding gums and ulcerations?

The usual signs of infection in mouth are bleeding gums and the emergence of ulcers. It is necessary to go to the dentist and get it treated as soon as possible.

What are the general tips for emergency dentistry?

The general steps to be followed when you have a dental emergency are:

  1. Just stay calm
  2. Reach out to your emergency dentist immediately
  3. If you try consuming painkillers, its best-advised to avoid aspirin. That is because it is an anticoagulant which can cause some bleeding issues if any surgery is needed. 

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